Infographic | Digitalise or Die: Benchmark your digital maturity

Infographic | Digitalise or Die: Benchmark your digital maturity

By 2021, 20% of all activities in which an individual engages will involve at least one of the top seven digital giants (Gartner). We live in a world of digital giants- and their success just keeps on growing.

These giants are digital to their core – they were born digital. They have bypassed the task of company-wide transformation- which means that most of us are starting from behind. How can you possibly transform on their level when they were built for a whole new generation?

This infographic is based upon a Hidden Edge event based in London. To find out more information about the event, see here for the Hidden Edge club’s exclusive insight report.

Are you at full digital capacity? And how can you begin to compete against the digital giants? Check out the infographic above, to discover how to use data effectively and the strategies to becoming one of the digital giants.

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