Up Close and Personal(ised) – The Fine Line Between Stalker and Butler

Hidden Edge Club

WHERE: The Covent Garden Hotel

WHEN: 20th September 6:30pm

About the Hidden Edge Club

The Hidden Edge Club brings together the city’s most innovative and forward thinking leaders from some of the worlds largest and most important companies. Our mission is to give our members a competitive edge by identifying hidden insights buried within their organisation’s information sets. We meet quarterly in some of London’s most exclusive venues to discuss timely market challenges faced by our members and explore strategy options & best practices.

Why Attend?

  • Topics are chosen based on the interests of our existing members, industry-wide disruptions and fascinating topics broached at prior events.
  • Attendance is strictly by invitation only, and aimed toward senior leaders, and other top-executives, including industry-wide thought leaders.
  • Our guests gain exclusive insights on trending business topics through networking and round table dinner discussions with guests of similar seniority.

Join us for our next exclusive dinner discussion in London, where we will be discussing how to perform in a digital, data and customer-centric world. On September 20th, we will be meeting at the Covent Garden Hotel to address how to you can capitalise on customer intelligence to steer your organisation to drive hard-line ROI.

Topic: Up Close and Personal(ised) – The Fine Line Between Stalker and Butler.

Enterprises have awakened to the reality that their customer intelligence (CI) data represent a largely untapped gold mine in gaining a competitive edge. Essentially, if you’re failing to capitalise on data, you’re basically driving with your eyes shut. 


Although CI has the potential to fuel service to new heights, mismanaged data can lead to serious ramifications that arise from inaccurate insights. Backlash can be swift as awareness around privacy issues grows; share prices, revenue, reputation and even the survival of companies rest on a more intelligent and sophisticated approach. 56% of people are ‘concerned’ or ‘extremely concerned’ about the way companies handle and use their personal data (KPMG, 2016).


Indeed, poor quality CI cost the US $3.1 trillion in 2016 alone (Harvard Business Review, 2016). Yet, 1 in 3 business leaders still don’t trust their CI to make decisions, and only 15% of businesses are fully satisfied with their CI-driven customer experience programmes (Aberdeen Group, 2016).

  • With an intoxicating abundance of information about your customers, how can you use this information like butlers and not stalkers?


  • How are you maximising the value of your customer intelligence without creating bad data?


  • How much of your revenue is lost to poor capitalisation of customer intelligence each year 

When and Where?

This discussion is to be held at The Covent Garden Hotel.

6:30pm: Welcome drinks & networking

7:00pm: Move into VIP room to begin discussion

8:00pm: Dinner service over open discussion

9:30pm: Dinner service ends

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