Man Plus Machine – Putting AI on the Map

Hidden Edge Club

WHERE: The Charlotte Street Hotel

WHEN: 3rd October 6:30pm

About the Club

The Hidden Edge Club brings together the city’s most innovative and forward thinking leaders from some of the worlds largest and most important companies. Our mission is to give our members a competitive edge by identifying hidden insights buried within their organisation’s information sets. We meet quarterly in some of London’s most exclusive venues to discuss timely market challenges faced by our members and explore strategy options & best practices.


Why Attend?

  • Topics are chosen based on the interests of our existing members, industry-wide disruptions and fascinating topics broached at prior events.
  • Attendance is strictly by invitation only, and aimed toward senior leaders, and other top-executives, including industry-wide thought leaders.
  • Our guests gain exclusive insights on trending business topics through networking and round table dinner discussions with guests of similar seniority.

Discussion Topic

AI is already a success story, with Google’s AI recently slashing 40% off the company’s energy costs. Fear it or love it, everyone is going AI mad – twice as many articles mentioned AI in 2016 than in 2015. And, with $30B invested by tech giants over the same period, market incumbents are starting to fear they’ll be left behind. So, why then are some forward-looking IT Leaders holding off from AI strategy?


In reality, AI is a big mouthful to chew. Even the concept is misinterpreted with many wrongly defining advanced algorithms as AI. The next challenge is figuring out if AI is worth it. AI research and implementation is not cheap. And, for every problem AI solves, it disrupts your organisation’s status quo: from workforce confidence to the well-established relationship with your customers. While consumers expect Google and digital giants to push technological and privacy boundaries, they are much more sensitive when it comes to traditional companies.

  • So, why are so many IT and business leaders from traditional sectors bent on securing AI  systems without defining their aims?
  • Are boards correct to deprioritise core objectives in favour of AI?
  • And, how can forward thinking IT Leaders determine whether their future needs an effective AI strategy?

The Hidden Edge Club meets regularly to discuss major challenges to decision makers across a variety of sectors. On the 3rd October, the Club will come together at the Charlotte Street Hotel to share insights and drive debate. On this occasion, we’re exploring the future of AI; how companies can ensure effective AI strategies and how to establish AI-readiness.


If you’re interested in hearing your peers’ experiences in AI Strategy we’d be delighted for you to join us. We’ll be meeting at 6:30PM for introductory drinks and networking before moving into the private dining area for our discussion over a three-course meal. Guests are invited to enjoy a glass of wine after dining, with carriages bringing the evening to a close at roughly 9:30PM.

When and Where?

6:30pm Networking Drinks

7:00pm Host Introduction

7:20pm Chaired Debate

8:00pm 3-Course Dinner

9:00pm Drinks and Networking

9:30pm Carriages