The Digital Supply Chain

Hidden Edge Club

WHERE: The Charlotte Street Hotel

WHEN: May 9th 6:30pm

About the Hidden Edge Club

The Hidden Edge Club brings together the city’s most innovative and forward thinking leaders from some of the worlds largest and most important companies. Our mission is to give our members a competitive edge by identifying hidden insights buried within their organisation’s information sets. We meet quarterly in some of London’s most exclusive venues to discuss timely market challenges faced by our members and explore strategy options & best practices.

Discussion Topic

Are you still trying to force an analogue supply chain into digitally connected business?



A truly digital supply chain is not just about improving business processes or automation. It’s about redefining your foundation so that it’s built on Web-enabled capabilities. In a world where actual business operations are shifting into the virtual world the calls for a digitally responsive supply chain are louder than ever.


Amidst the constant disruption of an increasingly digital business landscape, efficient processes are vital for success. And, it’s technology that provides us with the key to increasing supply chain reliability, visibility and agility. Developments in IoT, big data analytics and automation implemented efficiently present exciting opportunities for a predictive and agile supply chain of the future.


But innovating within supply chain is hard. The real time demands of consistency and work flow precision make fundamental changes to structure risky to implement. And, on top of that, in order to optimise investments, change has to be in accordance with standards that are understood and accepted throughout the global supply chain.


So, why then are leading supply chain executives choosing to embrace digital transformation in the face of resistance and risk? And, how are you fully capitalising on connectivity, systems integration and the information-producing capabilities of “smart” components?  How can you leverage the technology available to a create a seamless and digitally enabled supply chain?


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This session is bringing together Senior Supply Chain Leaders of large-scale enterprise organisations for a collaborative discussion in an intimate and confidential environment. If you fit this profile and wish to join the debate please apply to join through the button above or email Cathy, our club director, at


 Evening Agenda


6:30pm networking drinks

7:00pm host introduction

7:20pm chaired debate

8:00pm 3-course dinner

9:00pm drinks and networking

9:30pm carriages



This discussion is  to be held at The Charlotte Street Hotel in central London- easily accessible via Tottenham Court Tube Station.

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